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Crown Roofers Cork

Crown Roofers Cork are the leading roofing contractor in Cork, Kerry, Limerick Waterford, Tipperary and all surrounding areas.

For over 30 years we’ve been providing reliable as well as affordable roofing services for all residential and commercial clients.



Crown Roofing Cork

At Crown Roofers Cork, we deliver a wide range of roofing, with our range covering roofing and guttering, Cladding, Kingspan Tile Sheeting, Flat roof systems, Single ply roofing, which all come with a ten year guarantee to the Irish construction and domestic industry.

We’ve earned a reputation for innovation and safety that keeps us at the forefront of the industry. Our staff are rigorously trained , our suppliers are leaders in their field, and our service is second to none. So it’s no wonder our portfolio includes many of Ireland’s most high profile development projects.

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Asbestos Removal

Cassroofing is an approved specialist contractor by The Health & Safety Authority to handle asbestos. We are fully insured for all types of asbestos and our staff has many years experience dealing with asbestos projects large and small throughout the country. We offer a one stop shop for asbestos projects. As required by law we can arrange for an asbestos survey to be carried out on your property.

Why Choose Us

We provide experienced and specially trained personnel to remove all types of gutter from your drains in a professional, prompt and competent manner and depending on the type of project involved we can provide air monitoring results to make sure the property is safe for re-occupancy. We will also provide a Disposal Cert to show that the roofing needs have been carried out correctly.

Best Roofers Cork

A new roof remains the property of the building owner for life so it is our responsibility to make sure that the old roof is removed and disposed off correctly. As in recent prosecutions by The Health & Safety Authority, ignorance is no longer a defence, so make sure you call us for the correct advice before you start any project.

Why Hire Us

Founded in 1987 as Crown Roofers Cork we are now one of the most innovative and successful roofing companies in Ireland. From our impressive, purpose-built headquarters in Cork. We handle many of the country’s largest and most prestigious roofing, cladding and waterproofing projects – including the new build and maintance of Woodys DIY, Gysum industries,

Atlantic Homecare and Tara mines. With our expert team and pioneering product range, we deliver industry-leading solutions for commercial, industrial and residential builds all over Cork.

Roofing services of Cork




The Tile Sheeting & Cladding roofing System is a practical decision both for new and refurbishment projects, which also fits in its environment and looks elegant. For the under structure, only a lightweight batten/purling assembly is required. In refurbished buildings this is an essential benefit, and it also reduces the total cost of the roofing project. The unique high-capacity drainage channel on every tile sheet guarantees the water tightness even in stormy weather.
There is no need for side lap sealing. Cross profiles have a dampening effect to reduce noise to a minimum. The sheets are easy to handle and installation does not require special tools nor are special practice, further savings possible due to easy installation. For fastening, self-drilling screws are recommended to eliminate pre-drilling of sheets. The roof systems is ordered cut-to-length, ready for installation with no on-site cuttings required. This also means savings because no waste material arises. Maintenance requirements are minimal.




“I am very pleased with my new roof and the diligence of your hard working team.”

Jerry McCarthy

Director, Those Roofers Cork

“The installers were very polite. It was a joy having them at my house.”

Dan O' Shea


“Excellent 5 star service”

Emma Young